Challenge-Based Learning

for Responsible and Engaged Learning


International Society for Technology in Education 2011 Conference

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 124, Philadelphia, PA
Sunday, June 26, 2011
8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Before the Workshop

  • ISTE 2011 Ning Forum Discussion
  • Preview the Workshop Wiki
    • Visit the wiki:
      -- become familiar with the organization and navigation by exploring on your own at your leisure.
    • Visit the workshop page on the wiki:
      • Check the prerequisites (see below) to be sure your equipment is ready for you to participate fully.
      • Introduce yourself in the wiki discussion using the Discussion tab above and reply in the Introductions and Aspirations thread.
      • Look over the agenda. Caveat -- this page will be continually updated between now and the day of the workshop.
  • Double-check that your laptop is ready and meets the workshop prerequisites:
    • A wireless-ready laptop with Internet browser is required. It is best to test your wireless connection at the convention center before the session. The Firefox or Safari browser is highly recommended for both Windows or Mac OS. Be sure to pre-install to avoid delays during the session. Available for free at or
    • Unrestricted access to Internet web 2.0 tools and other sites that might normally be blocked for student use but should be accessible to teachers preparing lessons, units, and projects. Participant's laptops should be unrestricted so you can join a wireless network and download files and other resources from the Internet and to save files locally for later retrieval. Any overly-restrictive school or district security measures may interfere with successful participation in the workshop. See your IT department for assistance prior to the conference to be sure your laptop will be fully functional.

Agenda for the Workshop


  • Creating the Context for the Workshop (short video clips ~10 min.)

So What?

  • Why It Matters (brief presentation ~20 to 30 min.)

Now What?

  • Hands On Tasks (individual and small group work ~75 min. plus a 10-min. break)
  • Self-select one or two Workshop Partners for periodic sharing and feedback during your hands-on work. Write the grade level(s) and subject area(s) for your project on a sheet of paper. Find one or two partners to collaborate with during the workshop. It is NOT necessary to change your seat location -- collaboration periods will be fairly short (~5 min.).
  • Use the Templates below to work on developing your own Challenge Base Learning Project. Begin with the Big Idea, then the Essential Questions, the Challenge, Assessment, and Technology. Work at your own pace. You may complete as many of the sections as you want or are able to. Don't expect to fully complete your planning during the workshop. You will continue to have access to these materials and can continue working with them long after the workshop. You do not have to be at the same point in your project development to share with and provide feedback to your workshop partners.
  • Please take a 10-minute break at any time during the hands-on project work. There will be two five-minute announced times to collaborate with your workshop partners, but you are encouraged to touch base with your partner(s) anytime you wish -- just be mindful of not taking too much time away from their own project development work.

Then What?

  • Reflection, Feedback, and Sharing (individual, small group, and whole group ~50 min.)
  • Use the "Reflections and Sharing" thread in the Discussion tab at the top of this page.

Workshop Evaluation (~10 min.)

Presentation Slides

Handouts and Templates

Essential Resources:

Other Resources:

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